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Alcohol Rehab in Northern California

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Align Recovery is a holistic treatment facility dedicated to guiding successful individualized and inpatient alcohol rehab

Understanding Alcohol Addiction in Northern California

Alcohol addiction, often referred to as alcoholism or alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a chronic disease characterized by a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. Across the nation, it is estimated that over 14 million adults ages 18 and older have been diagnosed with AUD. This condition occurs when individuals consume alcohol at such frequent rates that their body becomes reliant on it to function correctly. 

Over time, increased alcohol consumption can lead to a host of health issues, both mental and physical, including liver disease, cardiovascular problems, and cognitive impairments. Beyond the physical toll, alcohol addiction can strain personal relationships, hinder work performance, and decrease quality of life. Understanding if alcoholism runs in the family can provide insight into one’s predisposition to the disorder, aiding in early recognition and accessing appropriate treatment options. Recognizing the signs and implications of this addiction is the first step towards seeking effective treatment, such as the programs offered in Northern California.

The Challenges of Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol dependency comes with unique challenges as a popular and legal substance. The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 28.3 million Americans over 12 had an alcohol use disorder. Healing from alcohol dependency often requires massive lifestyle changes that can feel overwhelming.

Social drinking is typical and expected in most cultures throughout the United States. Therefore, this drug is exposed daily, from work functions to community events to restaurants. Like most drugs, withdrawal can have miserable symptoms, making quitting more challenging. As a support system for individuals grappling with alcohol abuse, it’s important to learn how to help someone with alcoholism. Support and interventions can be the difference between someone getting the treatment they need or continuing down a path of addiction. If you’re wondering, “how do I know if I’m an alcoholic,” understanding these challenges and recognizing the signs is a critical first step towards seeking help and recovery.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment is personalized for an individual’s needs. We offer several evidence-based treatment options, including co-occurring therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, experiential therapy, medication-assisted therapy, and narrative therapy.

Our therapy methods are wrapped in a holistic treatment environment that includes vital factors like nutrition, exercise, mental health care, and mindfulness.

Why Choose Align for Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Some therapies will work better than others, which is why we personalized each addiction therapy plan. Regardless, most people visiting us for alcohol addiction will go through our three levels of care: detox, residential treatment, and recovery maintenance. 

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The first step to alcohol addiction treatment is to abstain from alcohol and let the person’s body eliminate it from their system. This can be difficult as alcohol withdrawal comes with a multitude of symptoms and is typically painful. The severity of the detox withdrawal will depend on how long the individual has been addicted to alcohol and past drinking frequency. Most withdrawal symptoms will disappear after a week.

Because some side effects of withdrawal can be severe, our medical professionals monitor each man or woman undergoing a detox. Align offers onsite facilities and highly trained and certified staff to monitor the individual medically and help them through the detoxification process.

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After detox, the individual moves on to our holistic recovery program. We provide a quiet, rural setting to allow the healing person to separate themselves from their triggers and allow for introspection. During the residential treatment, they’ll go through a personalized treatment plan while attending their choice of activities like painting and yoga. 

To help the body recover, we offer a tasty, nutritious meal plan from the renowned nutritionist and rehabilitation specialist David Wiss. Alcohol can deplete the body of nutrients, and part of recovery is giving the body the nutrients it needs and deserves.

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Recovery Maintenance

After leaving residential treatment, we set the individual up with an outpatient program, so they have support going forward. They can choose between onsite and remote programs. These programs encourage accountability and support the individual as they make lifestyle changes and adjust their habits to continue sobriety.

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Learn More About Align Alcohol Treatment in Northern California

Seeking treatment for alcohol addiction is complicated. We offer compassionate and understanding care no matter where you or a loved one is in the treatment journey. For a comprehensive overview of our services, including what we treat, please fill out our online form or call us at (707) 343-4357.

Social drinking is common and expected in most cultures throughout the United States. Exposure to this drug is, therefore, common throughout the day, from work functions to community events to restaurants. Like most drugs, the process of withdrawal can come with miserable symptoms, making it that much more difficult to quit.

Elvis Rosales

Elvis, a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Director at Align Recovery Centers, brings over ten years of expertise in addiction therapy. Skilled in evidence-based therapies like CBT, DBT, and ACT, he specializes in creating personalized treatment plans for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. His holistic approach and dedication to his clients’ transformative journeys highlight his significant impact in addiction therapy and mental health care.