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Align Recovery is an addiction treatment services center located down a quiet lane in Sonoma, California.

We provide medical detox, drug rehabilitation, and recovery maintenance through residential, outpatient, and virtual treatment.  

Our approach is holistic because we know that you can better achieve lasting recovery when your mind, body, and spirit are aligned. We provide the soothing solitude you need to explore the sometimes painful truths of your addiction with the guidance and support of our experienced counselors. 

Our clinical programs focus on community, individualized care, and healing activities that help you build new habits to support your recovery. We believe we can help foster positive change when we provide the right environment with the right clinical practices and experienced staff to achieve lasting recovery.  

Compassionate Care

Healing from addiction requires stability and professional support. At Align, we believe that a calm and relaxing environment enriched with nutritious meals and imbued with empathy and quality care allows you the space and structure you need to begin recovery. 

The cornerstone of compassionate treatment is not only to treat your substance use disorder but to treat you as a whole. Our goal is not to convince you of a particular way to be in this world but to help you examine your habits and guide you toward your vision for health and substance-free living. 

Diversity, mental health and group therapy counseling support meeting, healthy conversation and wellness. Psychology counselor, psychologist help people and talk about anxiety, depression or stress.

Through curiosity and gentle guidance, we help you understand the roots of your addiction and rediscover yourself without substances. You’ll learn how to recognize your stressors and build a routine that keeps you busy, centered, and fulfilled. We’ll help you relearn how to prioritize self-care, healthy activities, and meaningful relationships. 

Compassionate care also includes community. Here, you’re surrounded by others who understand the struggle of addiction, both professionals and peers. Our community offers encouragement and support, and we’ll help you stay accountable and focused on your recovery.

Expert Staff and Evidence-Based Practices

Your recovery journey is in good hands at Align. Our team includes expert medical staff and counselors who are highly trained in drug rehabilitation and have decades of treatment experience. Our center is state-certified for medically supervised detox and provides addiction therapy under the care of professionally trained staff.

Our clinical programs use evidence-based practices proven to help guide you toward hope and health. We include a variety of therapies, including narrative and experiential therapy and sometimes medication-assisted treatment. We also treat mental illness or disorders that may come from or contribute to addiction. 

Holistic Approach to Healing

Whether you need a safe space to detox or support to reinforce your recovery, Align clinical and counseling staff take a holistic approach to healing. We understand that lasting recovery comes when you heal your mind, body, and spirit, and we provide the tools that help you accomplish that lasting outcome. 

You’ll start with close monitoring through the detox phase and then move into addiction therapy in our residential program. It’s often best to heal in a different place from where your addiction began, so these inpatient services provide a private and stress-free environment to rest. Here, you can step away from your triggers and engage in healing. 

We include nutritious meal plans and exercise programs to restore and rebuild your physical health. We also incorporate recreation and healing activities like yoga, art, gardening, movies, games, and other sober activity time with your peers. 

These activities, combined with spirituality and mental health therapies, help you gain an understanding of yourself and your patterns. You can feel, explore, and express in the safety of empathetic counselors and find new, mindful activities that give you a sense of fulfillment.   

Young woman preforms yoga in mountains in morning light

Fully-Customized Treatment Plan

Your addiction and recovery are as unique as you are, so your treatment program should reflect your unique goals and needs. At Align, you will work directly with a primary counselor to create a personalized program centered on evidence-based practices. 

We help you understand your substance use disorder, your thought patterns and behaviors, and your goals. Then we create a plan to build new habits and ways of coping. We know that treatment and recovery don’t look the same for everyone, and we have the medical experts to guide you through therapy as you need. 

Stay with us long-term in our detox and residential settings, or short-term in our outpatient maintenance program. Attend individual or group therapy for ongoing support or access continuing care through virtual sessions with our counselors. We know that life after treatment can be difficult, and we’re here to help you through the process. 

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