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About Align Recovery

About Us

Align is an addiction recovery center in Sonoma, California that provides integrative, personalized treatment plans for those with substance use disorders.

Each individual’s path through addiction and recovery is distinct, and there is no universal approach to treatment.

At Align, we understand that your unique circumstances require a tailored set of resources to enable your success. Our treatment plans are customized, utilizing a blend of evidence-based behavioral therapy, holistic therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. Using these principles, we guide you through your recovery journey effectively, helping you to attain long-term healing.

Our highly-trained and licensed staff has many years of experience in addiction recovery, mental health services, emergency medicine, and more. We’re here to mentor and guide you through every step of your recovery process and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to arm each person with substance use disorder with the tools to address their unique root causes and forge a productive life by aligning their mind, body, and soul. We do this through a multifaceted approach to rehabilitation. 

Our personalized, evidence-based treatment methods include:

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Co-Occurring Disorders Therapy

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Experiential Therapy/Diverse Modalities

Medication assisted therapy icon

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

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Narrative Therapy

Often personal stress plays a large role in substance abuse. We believe in holistic healing to aid your rehabilitation journey. Holistic healing involves modifying your lifestyle to create conditions that allow you to thrive. 

Our holistic therapy options include activities to promote relaxation and feed the soul such as:

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Mental Health Care

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Proper Nutrition

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Restful Sleep

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When you stay with us, we use these options and others to create an individualized treatment plan, tailored to work for you.

Diversity, mental health and group therapy counseling support meeting, healthy conversation and wellness. Psychology counselor, psychologist help people and talk about anxiety, depression or stress.

Our Values

No rehabilitation program can succeed without empathy and quality care. Our intention with those two cornerstones is what sets us apart to be the best inpatient drug rehab center in Northern California.

Align is highly experienced in creating and providing effective treatment for those facing substance use disorders. Our staff includes individuals certified and trained in areas such as addiction, emergency medicine, detox, and nutrition.

All the methods we use at Align Recovery are evidence-based. This allows us to provide treatment and therapy options that we know are effective at treating addiction.

What’s In the Name?

The guiding principles in our personalized treatment programs can be found in our name. ALIGN stands for:

  • Acceptance
  • Lifestyle
  • Integrity
  • Gratitude
  • Nutrition

A: Acceptance

Acceptance is taking ownership of your actions and the reality of your situation. It can be easy for clients with addiction to pretend their disorder isn’t that bad, or that their actions aren’t hurting anyone. When you can accept your struggles and the power they hold over you, you take one of the first steps toward healing.

L: Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays a large role in drug addiction. We provide a calm, clean, and serene setting for treatment. We coach normalizing routines so as to ensure that you are ready to get back to your life and sustain your progress. We believe that things like diet, exercise, and mindfulness help you succeed.

I: Integrity

At Align, we practice integrity not only for ourselves but also for our clients. Being honest and ethical with oneself and your loved ones rebuilds strong bonds and trust not easily broken. Being honest in one’s daily life – with themselves and others – is the path to achieving lasting recovery.

G: Gratitude

Gratitude is the foundation for shifting your mindset during recovery.

N: Nutrition

The proper diet helps deliver the right vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients so you can become aligned in mind, body, and spirit. The use of drugs or alcohol damages the body, so proper nutrition becomes almost medicinal in repairing that damage.


An Addiction Recovery Center You Can Trust

We provide the best service possible with compassion to ensure success for our clients. Our experienced, highly-trained, fully-licensed staff works with you to create individualized treatment that will allow you to thrive in recovery. Contact us for help at (707) 343-4357 or by filling out the online form. We stand ready to help you transform your life.

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