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Levels of Care


Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are just beginning your journey to recovery the first step is to abstain from any and all substances of abuse while your body works to eliminate them from your system. You may likely undergo a period of physical withdrawals which can be uncomfortable, distressing and even life-threatening. Align Recovery Centers has a professionally trained staff and state certified onsite facilities to help you navigate this process safely under medical monitoring and attentive care.


After you pass through the Detox stage, the bulk of your time at Align Recovery Centers will be spent in our innovative holistic residential program. You will be immersed in a therapeutic community environment in which each detail has been carefully thought out and designed to give you the very best support we are able to provide in order to help you achieve long lasting recovery from substance abuse. Privacy and quiet in a rural setting will help you to separate yourself from triggers in your day to day life and give you an opportunity to slow down, relax, and reflect on your priorities and the person you truly aspire to be. Cool and calming colors throughout our facility are intended to help soothe you.

Our nutritious and delicious meal plan has been designed by world renowned nutritionist and drug rehabilitation specialist David Wiss to help replenish nutrients which have been depleted during addiction.

Top notch staff have been curated from a variety of disciplines to cultivate a customizable program of daily and weekly activities and exercises ranging from painting, to cognitive behavioral therapy, to yoga, to help you in your recovery. One on one meetings with your assigned substance abuse treatment counselor will compliment the time spent in group, and time spent in group and inside the therapeutic community will help to cement the habits of thought and action being learned inside the center.

Recovery Maintenance

For many people, one month is just enough time to realize just how important their recovery from substance abuse really is, but not long enough to fully change what sometimes amounts to a lifetime of bad habits. Align Recovery Centers offers various forms of recovery maintenance programs for those who seek continued support in their recovery. These are offered as Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient programs that allow both on-site and remote attendance to ongoing group therapy sessions that continue the learning and work to adjust your actions and enable you for success in living the life you want to lead.