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Dr. Katie Hirst, Board-certified in both Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry, is a distinguished figure in the realm of mental health and addiction treatment. Her expertise encompasses a diverse array of traditional and non-traditional modalities, showcasing her commitment to comprehensive and innovative care.

Dr. Hirst is deeply passionate about incorporating personal mindfulness meditation and psychotherapy into her practice. This unique integration not only enhances detox methods but is also pivotal in facilitating long-term recovery. Additionally, her specialization in reproductive psychiatry highlights her dedication to addressing a broad spectrum of mental health issues.

As the CEO of Bold Medical Group, Dr. Hirst leads with a vision focused on holistic care. Her leadership is marked by a dedication to integrating mindfulness and personalized therapy approaches, ensuring that the treatment solutions offered are both effective and empathetic. Through her work, Dr. Hirst continues to be a driving force in advancing mental health and addiction therapy, making significant contributions to both fields.